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I am happy to announce that we have released our ‘done for you private blog network’ service. This is an exclusive, high quality service that provides high authority, and most importantly, niche relevant links that none of your competitors will have! Myself and my team will build YOU a complete private blog network on ‘high end’ expired domains that are targeted around your niche! We all know that it is becoming more difficult to rank sites on the first page of Google.

We also know that Google are getting smarter and they are identifying spammy links and Black Hat methods. No doubt you have already heard of the power of Private blog networks. Many of the top ranked sites in competitive niches are using their own private networks to guarantee their rankings. The advantage of owning your own PBN is that you can build high authority and niche relevant back links to your money site, and best of all, you have total control over your links.


 (Customer Example – 5 PBN links added, climbed to number 4, then climbed to number 2 and maintained position) 

Screen ShotPrivateBlogNetworkLinks


If You Are Serious About Ranking #1 , You Need To Own Your Own Private Blog Network

There are 2 extremely important factors that are used by the Google algorithms to rank your site, and they are:

  1.  Links from high authority, trust worthy domains
  2.  Links from sites in the same niche. We call this relevancyThe problem for most people is that they find it really difficult to obtain links from already established, high authority sites. They also find it difficult getting links from other sites within the same niche, because a lot of site owners see this as ‘helping’ the competition.


So what is the solution?

You guessed it. You very own private blog network. With our done for you PBN service you WILL get:

  • High authority links from aged domains (Builds trust with Google)
  • Extremely niche relevant links (Shows Google that your content is good and trusted)
  • You have total control over your back links (Massively important due to Googles regular updates)
  • The option to change anchor text (Over optimised? no problem, you can change them yourself!!)
  • Your competition does not have these links (If you own the PBN, It’s impossible for your competition to get the same links)


Results From Tried And Tested Sites


(Client Site – Added 5 PBN links, rankings shot up 110 positions. 3 More PBN links added to push site to page 1)

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 16.22.15

(one of my test sites – Page 4. Added 5 PBN links + Web 2.0’s. Climbed to #5 in Google)

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 15.50.22




What Will My Team Provide You:

Find 5 Domains – We will find 5 high authority, niche related expired domains that meet our strict requirements. All domains will have solid SEO metrics and be relevant to your niche!

Register your Domains – We will register the domains on separate days using different registrars Unique Hosting – We will host your sites on 5 separate hosting companies to ensure unique C-Class IP’s

Content creation – We manually produce high quality and relevant articles (No Spun rubbish) rich with media content

Build Sites – We will build out your sites just like any other ‘real’ site with unique themes and headers + all relevant pages to pass manual inspection

Build Links – We will drip feed the links back to your money site and monitor rankings

Manage and Maintain – We will continue to host your PBN sites and build links to increase the SEO metrics even more!!



Total Price for 5 sites = $995 +$49.50 Per Month (hosting & maintenance) 

This includes 5 high quality PBN sites – And as  bonus we will also provide you with 5 X Web 2.0’s to boost your rankings even further!



If you require more than 5 simply order more packages or contact me directly.



Importance of Niche Relevancy

You have probably seen PBN links advertised before. There are tons of sites offering links to their PBN network for a monthly fee. The problem with these PBN networks is that they will NOT be 100% relevant to your niche. They will also consist of many other outbound links to everybody else that has purchased them. Google is focusing more and more on relevancy.

It’s actually better to have a back link from a site in your niche (that would genuinely link to your site), than having links from high authority sites in random niches. In fact, it can harm your rankings by having back links from non relevant sites. With our ‘Done for you PBN service’ you can guarantee that all links will be from highly targeted, niche related sites that would pass any manual review. Not only that, but it will be exclusive to your site, meaning other people won’t get links from your PBN, which makes your links hold a greater value.


Expired domain Metrics

One of the key elements to building your private blog network is finding good quality expired domains. When searching for domains we look to find the following metrics:


Expired domain metrics


It can be difficult to match all metrics, so even if one or two don’t quite reach our minimum level, we will still register the domain as they still offer excellent grounds to build out a network. We manually check each domain to ensure that it is highly relevant and spam free.


Manually Built Sites and Content

We feel that it is absolutely vital that all sites are made to appear completely natural and authentic. For this reason we make certain that ALL content is hand written by our best writers and passes all copyscape. All content will be written around your niche and also include all relevant keywords. All sites will be built with a unique theme and original header. All sites will also include the appropriate pages, such as a contact page, privacy policy, about us. This helps to show authenticity and trust and will help to pass any manual review. All sites will be worked on using different I.Ps and content will be drip fed. All sites will include relevant images and video. We make sure that no footprints are left and that all of your private network sites are unique, realistic and completely relevant to your niche!


Domain registration and Hosting

All  5 domains will be registered with DIFFERENT registrars and all domains will be hosted on different hosting accounts with separate C-Class IP’s. No crappy $1 hosting accounts and certainly not SEO hosting companies! We make sure we use good hosting with reputable hosting companies.





Drip feed your links

Once we have created your PBN sites we will carefully drip feed your links to your money site to make it look as natural as possible. We do not want to add links from all 5 sites at exactly the same time! We will do one site at a time over a couple of weeks and monitor your rankings. Don’t forget we also give you 5 Web 2.0’s too which will also strengthen your link profile.


Once your PBN sites are up and running it is important that they are well maintained. Luckily we have this covered. We will ensure that all sites are running smoothly and all hosting and domain registration is up to date. We will also continue to add new content and build links to the sites on a monthly basis.

The Process

Once you have ordered your PBN package we will email you to discuss your niche and keywords that you are targeting. Within 2 weeks we will deliver your first site. The following 4 sites + Web 2.0’s will be complete within 4 weeks.

  • Confirmation Email
  • Weekly updates sent
  • Spreadsheet sent including login details for all sites
  • Monthly update




Total Price for 5 sites = $995 +$49.50 Per Month (hosting & maintenance) 

This includes 5 high quality PBN sites – And as  bonus we will also provide you with 5 X Web 2.0’s to boost your rankings even further!


If you require more than 5 simply order more packages or contact me directly.



Will A PBN Network really work for me?

Having your own network will no doubt provide you with the quality links that your site needs to get top rankings. However, it is also important that your site has good content and on-page SEO. If you have poor content then back links alone may not get you higher rankings. So please ensure your site offers good quality information to your readers.


Can I order more than 5 sites?

Sure, simply select the package as many times as you like or email me to discuss larger networks.


How long do I have to pay the monthly maintenance fee for?

The monthly fee is ongoing but you may cancel at anytime you like. If you do cancel then you have 2 options. 1) The PBN network is transferred over to your own hosting and the domains are pushed to your registrar account. If you cancel and no longer wish to take control of your PBN network, we will keep them under our control and remove any links pointing to your site.


Do you sell other links on my network sites?

Absolutely not, the sites are yours and you full have total control.


Can I link to more than 1 money site?

Yes, although I recommend no more than 3 different money sites.


Great, Lets Get Started 




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