Step 7 – Build Tier 2 Links for some serious juice!

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If you have actually got this far and completed all of the previous steps then give yourself a big pat on the back, as the hard work is over! If you are skimming through then Download this whole course as a pdf and go through it again and take some action.

Now that your Ultimate Demon Tier 1 campaign has finished it’s time to blast these links to give them back end juice, which in turn will have a positive affect on our money site! We want to create a list of all our Tier 1 links. I’ll then show you how to build Tier 2 Links to them!

To do that simply right click on each task in Ultimate Demon (web 2.0’s, articles, directories, bookmarks, wikis’s) and click ‘Live link report’. Copy and paste them into notepad. Do this for each task until you have a full list of Tier 1 links.

Save this file in your project folder for now.

Create a new notepad file with your money site URL or URL’s and save this. The reason we need these 2 files is because we are going to go into scrapebox and check which links are actually live!

To do this simply open up the file you just saved which contains the Tier 1 links. Open this in scrapebox where it says ‘blog list’. Now open your url file where it says ‘urls’. Check out the image below to make sure you’ve got it right!









Uncheck ‘proxies’ and make sure ‘check links’ is checked and press check links. Our best friend ‘Scrapebox’ will now go out and check every single link that we created to see if they are live.

You will start to see a list forming and when it is complete you will see all of the links that it has found.

To clean this list up we want to select ‘Export links’ and click ‘Export link found as Excel’. This little baby will now give us a nice fresh list of Tier 1 links that we can now blast the pants off with tier 2 links.

Try to keep this spreadsheet up to date. Every time you build new Tier 1’s just add them here. It pays to be organised.


Now we have a list of Tier 1 links we are going to start building campaigns to target these links with Tier 2 and 3 links! There is some magical software that I use here and with these 2 bad boys you can have it set up in no time.

Kontent Machine

GSA Search engine ranker


Kontent machine is fantastic at scraping and generating unique, spun articles that we can use for tier 2 and 3. You simply enter a few details and the software does all of the work for you. Im going to show you exactly how to work it and how to get the best out of Kontent machine. You can grab a copy of Kontent Machine for $217 lifetime access using this link

GSA – Now this little baby does all of our Tier 2 and 3 link building for us on complete autopilot. It takes a matter of minutes to set up and you can keep it running for as long as you want. It will create thousands of backlinks pointing at our Tier 1 links.

I know you can use Ultimate Demon for Tier 2 links as well as Tier 1 but the reason I use GSA is because it has a ton more platforms and can target a lot more sites.


Build first set of Tier 2 links with GSA

When it comes to Tier 2 a lot of people will probably use old shit content and blast the back out of it to generate as many spammy links as possible and thats that! But I like to do things a little differently. Remember in Step 4 where we created 3 super spun articles? Well I am going to use the 3rd article to create some decent Tier 2 links.

Once we have built some good Tier 2 links we will then set up a broader campaign of Tier 2’s, using a wider variety of platforms and we will use Kontent machine to generate more content.

It will look something like this:-

Tier 2 phase 1

  • Use our own super spun article

Target these platforms only:

  • articles
  • directories
  • web 2.0’s
  • bookmarks
  • video

Create thousands of links spread over our super strong Tier 1 links.


Tier 2 phase 2

  • Use Kontent Machine to create a new article

Target these platforms:

  • article
  • Blog comment
  • Directory
  • Exploit
  • Forum posts
  • Guest book
  • Indexer
  • Microblog
  • Ping-back
  • Refer
  • Social Bookmark
  • Social network
  • video
  • wiki

This will create a ton more links. We will also use this same method to create Tier 3 links. These are links that point towards our Tier 2’s.


To build our Tier 2’s we are going to use GSA Search Engine Ranker. A very powerful tool that supports hundreds of different platforms, such as bookmarks, wiki’s, videos, web 2.0’s etc…  It also goes out and scrapes  target sites for us and it also posts and submits links, confirms emails as well as pinging them to get them indexed. It’s a piece of magic really!!

Here’s how to set it up.

Proxies – It’s a really effective piece of kit and extremely easy to setup. So let me just take you through some of the options that you’ll need to setup here. On the submission tab you can choose how many threads to use, I’ve got it set to 100 you’ll need to make sure you are using proxies everywhere.

You can configure this and tell it to automatically search for new proxies every 60 minutes and it will actually automatically find those for you and test them so you don’t even need to load any proxies into it. I use

Captcha – For your Captcha settings I recommend using Captcha Sniper. With GSA you really do need to use Captcha Sniper otherwise you’re going to end up spending an awful lot of money on captchas if you use other services such as Death by captcha

What is Captcha Sniper and why do we need it?

To sum this up quickly, Captcha Sniper is program that sits on your computer and solves Captchas :-). GSA will get through an absolute ton of these, so using Death by Catpcha is out of the question because it would cost far to much.

So why Captcha sniper?

It is available for a one off fee. I think it’s $97. I know its an extra cost but it is a necessary piece of software and it will quickly repay itself. GSA uses lots of platforms and will be building thousands of links, without Captcha sniper it’s simply not possible

Ping/Indexing – As I said before, It will help you to index these links by pinging them. You can enter your own ping list if you wish. You can download mine right here…..

Filter – Pretty self explanatory. You can tell the software not to post on certain sites such as adult and malware.

Advanced Settings – This is where you can save all of the platforms and verified links..

So it is a really really good bit of software it’s a onetime payment there’s no monthly subscription or anything like that. So yeah highly recommend it.


Setting up our First Tier 2 Campaign

So let me show you how quickly we can setup a campaign in GSA. If we come to new and we are going to setup our tier 2 campaign here so just un-tick everything here and then we are going to select article, blog comment, directory, image comment, social bookmark, social network and web 2.

And you can see we’ve got all these fields of data that we need to fill out to complete the campaign.

Now Im going to show you just how pissing easy it is to set up a campaign in GSA.

Click new and you will be presented with a screen like this: Your platforms are on the left and you have 3 tabs (‘Data’ ‘Options’ ‘Notes’)








First we want to select the platforms that we want to use. Remember I said earlier that we would create a campaign using our article 3. Well the platforms you want to check are

  • articles
  • directory
  • web 2.0’s
  • Social bookmarks
  • video

When you select these you will notice that the tabs across the top change

We are doing this to build some decent Tier 2 links, not just all spammy shit!


URL – This is where we enter all of our Tier 1 links. Click Edit and import your live Tier 1 links


Anchor text

Enter your Bio in the ‘About yourself’

Leave login and passwords blank. Fill in the other fields such as web site title, categories, description.

Now Click the ‘Article Manager’ tab. Add your spun Article 3 here.

Check ‘Insert random URL’s

Check Insert random images

Check ‘do not submit duplicate articles


Now go to the options tab

Here you select which countries and languages to target. I just make sure it’s English by right clicking on one of the countries and then click ‘check by language’ English. You don’t have to do this but I usually do!

The Email verification tab should create a random one for you automatically.

Click Test. You should be presented with a black screen. Just go through it and make sure that all of the fields are complete. Hit ok. Save the project as Tier 2 phase 1

Click Start and your first Tier 2 campaign is underway!!!!


Use Kontent Machine to produce some super fast Kick Ass content




Kontent Machine has been a great piece of kit that I have used for a while. But it just got even better! They have released their 3rd version and it offers some fantastic features.

You can create niche related content at the click of a button and we can use this in our link building campaigns. You can even insert videos, images and contextual links.

You can easily import the content that it creates into GSA and other link building software. So lets get started…

When you first open the program you will want to go into the scraper options and enter your ‘Best Spinner’ API details. This will allow Kontent machine to spin the content that it produces. You can also choose to add proxies but I don’t usually bother for this.

Basically Kontent Machine will go and scrape a ton of content related to the keywords which you input. It Spins it all together to produce Articles! You can use up to 3 keywords to scrape content for. It’s a simple process and you just have to fill in your campaign name and click ‘Generate content’.

There is also an option to add contextual links within the content to disguise our money site. This is optional an we will be doing this in GSA anyway so it’s up to you if you want to use it here as well.

This is soooooo easy!!!

You’ve just got to enter your keywords, select the kind of quality you want and enter your spinner details and your good to go. You can select extra media if you want then finally build and export the content.

Once you have done this just select the software that you are going to export it to. In our case it’s GSA. Kontent machine will then format everything to make it even easier for us to import into GSA to start our new campaign!

There you have it, It’s as quick and easy as that!  You can generate content for your campaigns in a matter of minutes.


Create a Campaign

Just complete these 3 simple steps!

  1. Select your content source
  2. Name your campaign
  3. Enter keywords


Set up Phase 2 Tier 2 back linking campaign.

We are going to do exactly the same as we did previously with GSA, except this time it is even easier. Start a new campaign in GSA but this time select the following platforms:

  • article
  • Blog comment
  • Directory
  • Exploit
  • Forum posts
  • Guest book
  • Indexer
  • Microblog
  • Ping back
  • Refer
  • Social Bookmark
  • Social network
  • video
  • wiki


‘This is the cool bit’

Instead of filling all of the options in again, simply click on ‘Tools’ at the bottom and click ‘Import data fields’. Now import the Kontent machine file and Bobs your uncle.  Everything is filled in for you!!  Click test and you will a preview of what it looks like.

Remember to add your list of Tier 1 URLs in the URL field

You can also add extra categories too.

Now you just need to go to the options tab and select the correct options for you.

Check ‘use keywords as anchor text’

Use generic and natural anchor texts. I usually set it around 20%. I also select ‘use anchor text variation’.

Select ‘do not use sites with more than 60 links’. Also right click on a country and select ‘use english language’

The final step is to check the email settings are working…

Click start, sit back and relax well GSA gets to work!!


Want to set up a Tier 3 Campaign for more link Juice?


Now you have your Tier 2 campaign up and running we can actually use GSA to build a Tier 3. This means we build links pointing to our Tier 2’s. This helps to boost their authority and helps Google to crawl them quicker.

Setting up a Tier 3 campaign is easy. Just repeat the steps from Tier 2 except this time you want to a) SElect all of the platforms, except video and documents. b) check the box that says; ‘Use Verified URL’s from another project’. Select your Tier 2 project and click ok.

Now import some more content, again just grab this from Kontent machine. Do not use the same content as you did in Tier 2. Fill in any extra fields that have not been filled in automatically.

Make sure you select a different email address to the one you used in Tier 2.

Select a load of categories.

You can leave most of the options as they are for Tier 3, as we don’t care if it builds shit links. More the better is the key here! Just make sure you select the English language again.

Hit ok and that’s it. Your Tier 3 campaign is set up and running. It will continue to build links to all of your Tier 2’s.

Now you have a super powerful link Pyramid that will boost your Site up the SERP’s


So now you have just how quick and easy it is to set up your Tiered link building with GSA and Kontent Machine.

Over the next few weeks your Tier 1’s are going to get charged up with relevant backlinks from your Tier 2’s, and whilst all this is going on, your Tier 2’s are getting a shit load of links from your Tier 3’s


With Tiered link building your options are endless. You can create separate tiers for various link types. For example. You could keep your manual Web 2.0’s separate, and build their own set of Tier 2’s.


What you will need:


approved KontentMachine3 – Download your copy


GSA Search Engine Ranker




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