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One of the biggest problems I see with poorly ranked websites is the keyword density is too high! If you start to build back links using your main keyword as the anchor text then you are going to get penalised for unnatural link building.

Now obviously we do need some links that are our keyword, but there is a right way and a wrong way of going about it!

The wrong way – Most newbies who have learned a bit about SEO realise that they need to build back links to their site to help rank in the search engines.

They also realise that they need to build back links with the same keyword they are trying to rank for, so what they do is they go and build a ton of back links with ‘my keyword’ as the anchor!!

It then hits them that they may have over done it, Oh shit… so they then go and build a ton more links with generic anchors to try and lower their main keyword percentage!

Problem is, this whole fiasco looks totally unnatural and their site never recovers.

The right way – To make your back link profile look as natural as possible, would it not make sense to diversify your anchor links BEFORE you start building links with your main keyword? Lets think about this for a minute.

If you have a brand new website about dog training and the keyword you were targeting was ‘how to train puppies’, you would have this keyword in your title and headings of your site, as well as within your content. Now if you go and build links with the anchor ‘how to train puppies’, don’t you think this might look a bit obvious what you are trying to do?

Lets say your site was picking up natural back links, don’t you think that the most popular anchor link would be your URL, followed by some generic links such as ‘click here’ or ‘visit this post’

I know if I was linking to somebodies site I would probably Say something like….

I was reading this great article about training puppies at ‘’


Check out this article about puppy training (‘this article’ would be the anchor text)

This looks much more natural than just targeting your main keyword!!

Once you have built generic and LSI backlinks and your site has started to show in Google, you can then build a few main keyword anchors.


What is the correct percentage to aim for?

There is no exact answer to this but I like to keep my Keyword percentage below 2% for the main keyword. The highest density anchors should be your URL and URL variations and your brand name.


Diversify your landing page links

This is something 99% of people Don’t Do and it is costing them big time!!

Now that you have your keyword and anchor links sorted, it’s time to diversify your landing page links.

What do I mean by this?

Here’s the problem…. most people build back links to their home page and completely neglect all of the other pages on the site because they want people to go to their home page as this is usually the page that is monetized to make money!!

They also presume that all back links should point to the home page.

If you have 1500 links pointing to your site and 1480 of them point to your home page, don’t you think this might look a bit unnatural?

It’s not natural to the search engines for most of your links going to your home page.

I have actually had a website that has been stuck on page 4 and it would not budge no matter what I did. so I checked in Ahrefs and found that over 98% of the links were pointing to the home page. This simply did not look natural.

So here’s what I did….

I got a super spun article (get them here)

I set up a campaign in UAW

I set up hundreds of resource boxes using their wizard and included tons of different anchors

I included 2 links from each resource box pointing to different inner pages of my site and 1 contextual link within the article

I drip fed them over a period of time


So What did this do?

It shot my site up to 12th position and after 2 months it was on page 1…  That’s what it did 🙂 rocket

UAW built a load of natural looking back links that pointed to all pages of my site using a variety of anchor text. Without doubt this created a natural looking link profile that flowed throughout the whole site and create an inner link structure to not only strengthen authority but to appear completely natural!

Landing page link diversity is one of the most overlooked aspects of SEO. Now that you understand how it works you can apply it to your websites and watch them climb the rankings!!

Here’s a re-cap of what to do:

  • Get a super spun article on your related topic, I use ‘Article Content Spinners‘ they have been great so far and it saves you doing the boring work
  • Set up a new campaign in UAW
  • Create lots of different resources boxes using the wizard. Add 2 links pointing to 2 different pages of your site. Spin a load of different anchors (generic and lsi)
  • Include 1 or 2 contextual links within the article itself, again mostly generic.
  • If your site already has a hight density of links pointing at your home page then just link to your inner pages. If you are just starting out then each article should have 1 link to your home page and 2-3 links to inner pages!
  • Drip feed them over a period of time, I usually set it at 5 per day


UAW is a great tool for building a solid, natural looking back link pattern.I’ll be doing a full video tutorial on this very soon to show you exactly how to set it up. So sign up to my newsletter so that you don’t miss out on that!



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Comments (6)

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  1. Hey Jason,

    Great article! I have been using link emporer for the last 3 months. Have seen great results. I use 16% to my main keyword, 28% to my keyword with random prefix/suffixes, and 56% to something random.

    This has been working great. I notice the results take some time to get going. But all in all works really well. I use at least 15 different keyword variations per inner link page. As well as have at least 15 different inner pages as targets.

    I have been manual super spinning my articles myself that I learned from Matthew’s tutorial. I had no idea about Article Content Spinner. That is going to be great and very useful now that Im on autodrive.

    How many times do you use the article that was spun before you get a new one? I have been changing them out about once a month.

    Also why do you choose UAW over other link building services?


    Jason Chesters

    Jason Chesters Reply:

    Hey David

    Good to hear you are getting results!!

    I like to use UAW with most new sites and to diversify back links because it is simple to use, there is no software to download and no need for proxies, and most of all it delivers. UAW creates some good links from article directories and i’ve had good success with it so far 🙂


  2. Robert says:

    Hi Jason,

    Just curious as to how you get your email form at the end of your posts. Was it created in aweber and the code placed into your page template?


    Jason Chesters

    Jason Chesters Reply:

    Hi Robert.

    I use a great plugin called ‘Magic Action Box’ which is great for adding opt in boxes like the ones on my blog. It integrates with Aweber really well. You can Get It Here


  3. Alzufri says:

    Hi Jason, I just visit UAW Page but I confused about which tool is you are using with. They had too many option. Can you show me exactly which one?


    Jason Chesters

    Jason Chesters Reply:


    I just subscribe to their standard UAW package but I believe they do have a UAW pro now!


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