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Increase SEO RankingTo get number 1 rankings on google and any other top search engine, there are a few important rules that you need to follow. Google actually tell us what is good for rankings and what is not. If you abide by their rules then you will be rewarded. Google recently introduced a new algorithm  update called penguin and panda. This saw a lot of top websites hit with a significant drop in rankings, probably due to too many poor inbound links or not enough unique and relevant content and other black hat SEO techniques.

Lets focus on what matters. Now I don’t use SEO companies but there are a couple of tools that are absolutely essential. These are:

1) SEO Suite Pro

2) Pushbutton SEO

3) Ultimate Demon


Without these tools I would not have a chance at ranking any of my sites. I also used a very good program by kelly Felix called ‘Bring the fresh’. You can see my Bring The Fresh Review here.

Steps to top search engine rankings

1 – Content. This is absolutely essential, but not just any content, it has to be unique, well written and relevant to your readers. Google loves  good quality content. A recent report from Brafton news indicated that the major search engines are focusing on creating the best possible user experience by reaching out with specific sites that offer quality rich content, these sites will gain the most viability and in turn produce higher search rankings.

Now there are a couple of ways you can generate good content for your site. You can either write it yourself, which is a bit time consuming but at least you are guaranteed you are getting good unique information. If that doesn’t appeal to you then there are plenty of writers out there that charge only a few dollars per article. Once you have your content you can check if it is unique by doing a check on CopyScape. This is a great little free tool.


2. On site SEO – Another massive factor is what the search engines see when they crawl your site. This is where SEO powersuite comes in. The software basically compares your site with the top 10 sites for your target keyword, it then tells you EXACTLY what to do to your site to put in on the same level as your competitors, and it does this very well down to the finist details. It tells you what your headings should say, what areas need to be in bold, your keyword density (If your content includes your keyword too many times, or not enough, google will penalise you for it), It pretty much tells you everything  that you need to do on your site. If you don’t use it then you are at a real disadvantage because thousands of sites across the world use SEO software to boost their rankings.

3. Back links. Without any form of links pointing to your site you will not be able to get good rankings. Google asses the quality of your site on the number of other sites that link to yours, especially high PR sites and sites in the same niche as you are. You must have a good link building strategy in place if you want to see results. Now to be honest, I hate creating back links, I find it really boring and really time consuming. I much prefer to pay a small and have it done for me so that I can spend time doing something more productive.

There are thousands on people offering there time to create backlinks to your site, however you have to be extremely careful because a few bad links a google will penalise your site and lower your rakings. Even if you get great back links, if you get them to quickly or too many at once, google will become suspicious and again, this will prevent you from getting top rankings.

Here is my Link Building Strategy that you can copy to skyrocket your rankings.

First you need to determine your market asses your competition. The bigger and more competitive the market, the more effort and links it is going to take. For example, if you are trying to get top rankings in the ‘weight loss’ or ‘Money making’ markets, then you are faced with tough competition and it’s probably going to cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, if you are targeting a niche then you can get away with spending a couple hundred dollars.

Here is what I do with my nich sites. I recently created a site about Cold sores and how to cure them.

1 – Firstly I used articles to get good quality backing links. Basically we get 500 or so articles on our subject topic and they are distributed across the article directories. They then link back to our site. We do this at intervals rather than all at once. This is good practice for any SEO backlinking methods

2 – I have built over 500 social bookmarks, again a good method of getting links from high PR sites.

3 – Blog commenting, this is a great way of getting high quality links because you can target your nich. Basically you add comments on people blogs and they link back to your site. Try to find ‘do follow’ blogs on your specific subject. Try to do 10+ blog comments per week . This is something you can easily do your self. Go on google and type ‘your market’ ‘do follow’.

4 – Get a good quality linkwheel built for your site. This is a good way to build a lot of search engine friendly links. I use trustworthy sources to build our link wheels.

Ok, so these are the 4 link building methods I start off with when launching a new site, it will give you a good presence online and you will start to climb up the rankings. For some sites, this will be enough to get you top rankings, and for others you will need to do a bit more work.

These 4 link building  steps cost me around $500 and the work done is very good. If you want to use the same people I use, then click here to view their packages. $500 is nothing compared to the amount of time you will if you did this yourself.

After a couple of months when you should start seeing results. You can then really up your game and link building strategy. Here is what I do when I need to push my site..

5 – Dmoz listing. Search engines see Dmoz as the most respected directory online and they will give a lot of importance to websites having links from Dmoz. Not all sites are accepted and it does cost yo uto get in.

6 – Forum link building – This consists of posting your links on forums that are content rich to your market. These are very valuable links to the search engines.

7 – Squidoo lense – If you dont know what a Squidoo lense is then don’t worry. Squidoo uses tags to catagorise the pages, or as they call them ‘lenses’. Google loves links from high authority sites, and this is one of them. You can get fast results using this method.

Applying steps 5, 6 and 7 will give your rankigns a real boost, however it will cost you a few hundred dollars to achieve it, if you are like me and can’t be bothered with all that tedious work.

Save yourself hundreds of hours and use The same link building team that I use

So there is my guide to getting number 1 rankings in google. Follow the steps above and you simply cant fail. There are tons of other posts on here to help you with your SEO so take a look around and sign up to my newsletter.

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