June 2014 – Top 10 Articles Published

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It seems as if June has gone really quickly and I can’t quite believe that next month I’ll be a dad!! There have been some great articles again this month and as usual here are my top 10.

As you know, I love to read everything I can about SEO and internet marketing, so every month I share with you the best of what I have come across.



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#1 Razvan Gavrilas – Did Google just read my text on my image

Razvan has put together a great article here and has gone into detail on how Google actually reads our images. There are some surprising results and it’s definitely worth a read for any SEO’s geeks 🙂




#2 Matthew Barby – Everything that is terrible about my content

A totally honest approach here as Matthew discusses everything that he could have done to make his content and blog better! Matthew goes into detail on how to correctly prepare and structure your content!



#3 Carter Bowles – Another round up post, SEO myths the experts say stop buying!

Yes I had to read that title a couple of times too, but Carter has put together a great round up of the leading experts who discuss the biggest myths in SEO. Have you fell for any of them? Check it out



#4 Razvan – How to prevent/ protect and recover your rankings from Penguin 3.0

Razvan has made it into my top 10 again here with another great article the latest penguin update. This article looks into the affects of Anchor diversity and unnatural back links. It’s a great article that you should read!



#5 Paul Jarvis – Are you damaging your email list with these 11 rookie mistakes

Building an email list is essential for most internet marketers, but it’s not as plain sailing as it sounds. Paul has put together this article which outlines all of the mistakes that you should avoid! This is a guest post on Jon Morrow’s blog, so you can be sure that it’s a good read!



#6 Danny Schreiber – Google chrome for marketer, 10 set up tips

I found this article really interesting. If you use Google chrome then you will want to take a look at some of the set up features and tips. There are also some great extensions that you can use which are also revealed here.



#7 Stuart Walker – Guru FC v Rising Stars United

This is a great post by Stuart as a bit of fun. I made the starting Eleven for the Rising Stars so thanks to Stuart for that. An entertaining post that featured some great names in the industry!



#8 Gareth Bull – 6 Months of SEO and Marketing done for you

Something a little different here from Gareth. He shows you how to start preparing to rake in the cash for Christmas by following his 6 month strategy. He has included a really nice info graphic so you should definitely check it out!



#9 Oh Dear

I haven’t got a number 8,9, 10 yet. If you come across a great piece of content that was published in June and you think it deserves a place here, please let me know!





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Comments (6)

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  1. dave says:

    Wow congrats man boy or girl?


    Jason Chesters

    Jason Chesters Reply:

    Cheers Dave

    It’s a boy!! Due in August, looking forward to it but going to have my work cut out!


  2. Raweewan says:

    Hey Jason
    This is a great round up post. I love to read anything about internet marketing too. Anyway, congrats with your boy! 🙂


    Jason Chesters

    Jason Chesters Reply:

    Thank you, glad you enjoy reading my posts!


  3. Hey Jason, congrats! Excited?

    The article by Paul on email list building is really great. Loved reading it.

    Thanks for including me but the link is a little messed up I think.


    Jason Chesters

    Jason Chesters Reply:

    Thanks Stuart, yes very excited!! It’s going to be hard trying to juggle everything but It will all be worth it. I have amended the link. I originally took it from Twitter, thats why it looked like that!


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