March 2014 – Top 10 Articles Published

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This is the second month of my round up of the Top posts published that I have read. As always there are some great articles and lots to learn.

top10seopostsI love reading anything I can about SEO, internet marketing and making money online. I also think it’s a great idea to share everything that I feel is worthy of reading so that you can build your knowledge and hopefully succeed in your ambitions!


Top 10 Internet marketing articles published in March




#1 Rizvan Ullah Shows us how to get your first 100,000 blog readers

I just had to click this post and read through, for the simple reason that one of my goals this year is to reach 100,000 visitors to my blog, I started my challenge onĀ this Traffic Planet post. Rizvan’ post was published on Matts blog, Matt always produces great content and he’s done it again here with tons of useful ideas to build your audience. I’ll be using some of these methods myself!!



#2 Paul May Buzz Stream shares this epic ebook on content promotion

This is an epic ebook packed full of great information on Content Promotion. It’s 75 pages long and contains some nice graphics. I actually saved this one to my desktop!! If you are looking to promote your content then this has everything!……..



#3 Jeff Sauer – Why I will not so SEO for you!

I must admit, this headline really caught my eye and this is a great little post from Jeff, who’s shares his little rant and emphasises some of the frustrations we face with SEO. This article offers something different and has humour, and as my blog is about ‘Doing SEO yourself‘ then this is right up my street!



#4 Cyrus Shepard – Increase your Google traffic without building links!

A pretty cool article that Cyrus published on Moz. He lists 12 different methods to boost your Google presence without actually building any links! I know link building can be difficult, so maybe you should take this approach instead!!



#5 Charles Floate Shows us how he growth hacked to 2500 page views in the first week!

An interesting post from Charles on his Tecy blog. He delves into his findings from other blogs and how he used this to build traffic to his own site. A little different and worth a read! Charles is better know for his GodofSEO blog



#6 Charles Floate – @Matthew Woodward – How to steal your competitors customers

Charles makes it into our Top10 again here with his guest post on Matthew Woodwards blog. Charles shows us how to steal our competitors customers. It goes into detail about stealing google traffic, facebook and twitter followers. If you are looking at increasing your traffic then this article offers some good tips!



#7 Joel K 8 lies about content marketing

This is a real eye opener and there are some very interesting points that you probably didn’t know about content marketing! Joel reveals some of the myths behind marketing your content and you can learn how to avoid these costly mistakes. I’ll definitely be reading this one again!!


#8 Cindy King – 30 Blogging tips from the pro’s

Great round up Cindy with these 39 tips from top bloggers. It’s always good to learn from other bloggers in your field and posts like this really help to put it all together


#9 Keven Lee reveals everything he wish he knew about Twitter…. before he started

If you are getting into social media marketing and want to use Twitter to build your social presence, then this short post will come in handy and teach you a thing or about Twitter so that you save and don’t make the same mistakes as Keven did!


#10 Yonatan Dotan – Manual Penalties and Negative SEO

Ever suffered a negative SEO attack? Well if you haven’t you may want to read this case study to see the potential dangers of an attack can have on your site!


I hope you enjoyed my list and it should give you plenty of reading over the next couple of weeks!



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