May 2014 – Top 10 Articles Published

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Im back with another monthly round up of the best posts published! yet again there is some great content for you to read through. So grab a coffee and enjoy!

I love to read everything I can about SEO and Internet marketing and every month I publish a post with the top 10 articles that I have come across. I have found the following posts very helpful:




#1 The definitive guide to marketing automation by Neil Patel

How could I not put this epic guide number 1. Neil has produced a whopping 30,000 word guide on how you can automate your marketing efforts.


#2 SEO in 2014, the big fat guide by David Sweeney

SEO is an ever changing game and David has put together a great Questions and Answers guide. If you have any doubts or queries about SEO then take a look at this and I’m sure you will find the answers!


#3 Out rank competitors with content (no links required) by Grant Daper

We all here that content is King, and in this article Grant explains how content alone can be used to out rank your competitors. Definitely worth a read


#4 How to launch a profitable product  step by step by Steve Brodsky

Another detailed guest post on Matthew Woodward’s blog, this time Steve takes you through the whole process of creating and setting up your own product. You can even find out how Steve started a $108,000 dollar membership site!


#5 Check out these 6 conversion rate optimisation case studies by Ott Niggulis

We all love a good case study and it’s always great to see things that are working! Ott has evaluated 6 conversion rate optimisation studies that show some surprising results! See how a static image actually out performed video and increased revenue by +$106,000 a month!!!


#6 how To Use Google Webmaster Tools For SEO by Reid Bandremer

A lot of us use Google Webmaster Tools on our sites, but do you really know the ins and out’s of GWT and do you know that you can use it to boost your SEO efforts? Reid has put together a great guide that shows you all the tips and tricks of Webmaster tools


#7  70 SEO experts give their Website Audit parametors by Hiren Vaghela

Hiren has put together a great round up of 70+ to SEO experts and asked them what they do when auditing a clients site. some useful tips right here


#8 What you should be doing to build your blogs social presence by Matthew Barby

We all know that social media is becoming evermore important but many of us find it difficult to break through the social media barrier! Matthew has put together a good post to show you exactly what you should be doing right now!


#9 Ecommerce SEO case study by Brian Dean

Brian always produces great content and he has done it again with this post. There are some very interesting points and tactics for building white hat links to your Ecommerce sites! 


#10 The most entertaining guide to landing page optimisation you will ever read by Olli Gardner

This post has got quite a bit of attention and has been shared across all of the social platforms. Oli has created a great post about landing page optimisation with a twist. It’s a fun read a worth checking out


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  1. George says:

    The last one is really awesome. Thanks again Jason, it opens my eyes seeing some other blogs reading & super content on them. 😀


  2. Dave says:

    Hey Jason,

    I just left a link to this round up in this post – thanks for putting a quality roound up together!



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