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I had no intention of writing this post about Rank Cracker but I was just about to finish up for the day and I received this in my inbox. Matthew Woodward has released his long awaited SEO software.

And best of all, you can download it  >Absolutely Free right here<

Rank Cracker by Matthew Woodward

I have just downloaded this myself and I have also taken Matt up on his extra SEO tutorial videos.

If you didn’t already know, Matt has an award winning SEO blog and I have been fortunate enough to learn a lot from him. He is a legit guy and offers a ton of stuff for free. In fact, Matt was the inspiration behind me starting this blog1

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Get the same back links as your competitors

Matt explains everything about his software on his site, so I will keep it short. Basically this software goes out and finds out which software you can use to get the exact same back links as your competitors.

If it can’t replicate the links, then It gives you the URl and email address of the sites so you can try and get the manually!

Here is a quick screenshot…



Simply import the URL’s and competitors back link profile and let the software do the rest. It will show you which software to use to get the same back link, so for example. It will tell you that you can get this back link using GSA or Ultimate Demaon

There is no catch! You can download the full version right now. If you are serious about SEO then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t download it!

Extra Tutorials to dominate SEO

After you download Rank Cracker you are taken to a sales page where Matt is offering his in depth knowledge of SEO. I have personally purchased these myself as there is no way I would be missing out on the opportunity to learn from Matt.

I thought $97 was a steal and worth every penny for the effort Matt has put in over the last 12 months!

There are 5 video tutorials in total:

  • The Top Ranking Factors In 2013 & Beyond – Rank Cracker
  • Essential On Site Quality Signals Made Simple – Rank Cracker
  • Content Creation & Promotion Made Easy – Rank Cracker
  • How To Drive Social Signals To Your Site – Rank Cracker
  • Riding Other Peoples Traffic Waves With Twitter – Rank Cracker


  • Tiered Link Building Exclusive Package – Rank Cracker


Obviously I can’t reveal too much about them here but I will be implementing Matts advice. As you know, I love a good experiment so I will be doing a few test over the next few months.

I’ll be adding more to this page as I test out Rank Cracker so keep posted!

In the mean time, get your copy of Rank Cracker Now


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