July 2014 – Top 10 Posts Published

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Last month I only managed to get 8, but as usual I will try to get 10 top posts that I have read this month. This is a great page for learning SEO and internet marketing. If you follow my top 10 each month you won’t go far wrong!

July has been another great month for content so if you have a bit of reading time, get your teeth stuck into these





#1 Kyle Duck – Ultimate Guide to negative SEO (scary)

Negative SEO has been all the talk lately and it is a big problem in the SEO world. This article will really open your eyes. Be warned, it may scare you a little bit



#2 Pat Flynn – The hole on most blogs that needs to be filled

I really loved reading this post from Pat because it’s something I have failed to do myself. Having a ‘Start here’ page on your blog can bring massive benefits and its something Pat has done so well. I will definitely be setting one up on here at some point



#3 Aleyda Solis – How to create an SEO dashboard

Something a little different here but something that is very useful to use SEO’s. Aleyda does a great job of showing us how to create an SEO dashboard to make life easier.



#4 Ahrefs 20 SEO experts on the best link building strategies without content

This was published on the ahrefs blog and its a good round up of 20 leading SEO experts that show us ways of building links without content.



#5 Tim Ferriss – How to gather 100,000 emails in one week!

The headline pretty much gives this one away. A good article by Tim showing how e got 100,000 emails in just 1 week!




#6 Noah Kagan – How my blog home page redesign increased sign ups by 300%

I always love to read case studies of how sites increase their opt in rates. You can really learn a lot from them and this is another great one right here



#7 Neil Patel – SEO without even thinking

This is an SEO blog after all so when I read this post from Neil I thought it would be a great addition to our monthly Top 10. Neil describes how SEO can become an automatic process. He also shows you a few tools to get into the habit…



#8 Jason Acidre – Using modern SEO to build brand authority

A great post from Jason published on MOZ. See how online branding and authority building is used with your SEO



#9 Aleyda Solis – 10 questions to super charge a new seo process

Aleyda makes it in to our top 10 for a second time this month with another insightful post on 10 questions you should be asking yourself to super charge your SEO. Some good points made here



#10 Richard Lazazzera – The beginners guide to keyword research for Ecommerce

Richard goes into good detail about finding keywords to target. Long tail keywords are becoming more popular and this guide shows you how its done


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Comments (4)

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  1. Kyle D. says:

    Hey Jason,

    How would you describe the trophy situation for having the number one post? Is in gold encrusted with diamonds or platinum with rubies? 😉

    Seriously, much appreciated. I tried to make it more funny than scary, but I reckon it’s hard to overcome the (factual) underlying premise.



    Jason Chesters

    Jason Chesters Reply:

    Thanks Kyle, we’ll go with golden encrusted with diamonds 🙂

    Keep up the good work


  2. Kenneth Tabor says:

    I swear you have (or find) the best content when it comes to internet marketing. It’s not just conceptual stuff that may work in theory. It’s stuff you can actually go out and do right now that doesn’t take months to see results.

    Why you don’t have more traffic / follower / tweets / g+’s is beyond me.

    This stuff is GOLD!


    Jason Chesters

    Jason Chesters Reply:

    Thanks Kenneth, I know, traffic and shares are still low at the minute. It’s really tough to get noticed!


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