July Round Up – Traffic and Income

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This is my 9th Traffic and income report and as always, I will reveal everything that I have done including my traffic stats and earnings this blog has made throughout July.

Trying to keep on top of everything can prove to be difficult which I have found out this month. These reports give me that bit of extra motivation that I need to keep me going.




What have I been up to in July

At the start of the month I set my self a few goals, one of them was to get a another quality guest post published on one of the top sites. I did actually finish writing the post and I felt that it would fit in great with Pat Flyn’s readership. So I emailed Pat to see if he would be interested in publishing my Guest post.

Unfortunately he did not reply. So I emailed him again and I still didn’t get a reply, so that was very disappointing. Due to this I never got the guest post published. So now I need to look around at other blogs that I feel are worthy for this post.

As ever, my other online businesses took up a good amount of my time, and due to this reason I didn’t manage to post much on the blog this month.


Brick Wall

Half way through the month I felt like I was hitting a brick wall. The blog just doesn’t seem to be growing as fast as I would like, and it felt like the hard work I was putting in wasn’t paying off!

I know I have other businesses to attend to, but it would be great if I could work on this blog full time. I would definitely focus more attention on promotion and outreach.

As I was feeling pretty down about my progress I started to do a lot of reading. I was mainly looking at the success of other blogs and this really motivated me to carry on working hard. For some reason it gave me a load more ideas and topics to write about.

Blogging is not an easy game to be in and a lot of hard work is required, but I will continue to work at it and continue to grow this blog as much as I possibly can!


Launched My ‘Done For You Private Blog Network’ Service

A few days ago I launched my new ‘Done For You Private Blog Network Service‘. This is a big step for DoSEOyourself and if it takes off, it will bring in a good monthly income.

Private Blog networks are all the rage at the minute and there is no doubt that they contribute massively to better rankings.

If you want your very own PBN network then myself and my team can build you a high authority, and most importantly, niche specific private network.

All network sites are built on quality hand picked expired domains with good authority.

We also set up and manage all of the sites so you don’t have to do a thing.

To find out more about out Private Blog Network Service Click Here


Purchasing Sites/Blogs

Something I have been looking into lately is purchasing established websites and blogs that are already making decent profits. This month I made a purchase and have acquired another blog in the Internet marketing/blogging niche. I will keep it under wraps for now but if you come across it you will know that its me!

The ultimate goal with my blogs is to create a passive income. At the minute I am finding that difficult with DSY, but I am getting client work from it. Hopefully I can build a good portfolio of blogs that provide me with a stable passive income.

As you know, I don’t reveal my earnings from my other online ventures as they are totally separate from this blog and were already established before I created this blog. But I may start including my earnings from newly purchased sites and blogs as I feel they are apart of what I am doing and what I am working at achieving. So I’ll keep you updated on that front.


Intern linking Issues

When I was feeling a bit down about the progress of the blog it came to my attention that I needed more organic traffic. Now one method that you should always do is to interlink your sites posts and pages well.

Now this is something I have neglected since starting the blog, so I spent a couple of hours going through all of my posts and finding good opportunities to interlink to other posts on my blog.

Im hoping it pays off and that it will help with organic rankings as well as user retention.

I also Increased the size of the text throughout the blog, so hopefully it will create a better user experience.


New posts published this month

Disapointing month for new content with just 2 posts published:

http://doseoyourself.com/google-ranking-factors/ – A great source consisting of 200 google ranking factors.

http://doseoyourself.com/july-2014-top-10/ – As usual I published the Top 10 Internet and SEO articles that I have read this month



Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 13.07.23


Traffic is slightly up on last month, only by 124. Something I have noticed is that my Bounce rate is creeping up. I think that is down to more organic traffic! Im disappointed that we are still below the 4k mark.


Where did the traffic come from

The one metric that keeps me going is the Google organic traffic. Again this number has increased from last months 721. It really inspires to work harder when I see my organic traffic increasing. The BlackHatWorld referrals are down but this is due to me not posting on there is this month!


Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 13.31.32



Most Popular Pages

Like always, my post on private blog networks made top spot which increased to 945

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 13.35.54



Email sign ups and social media

Bit of a strange month in terms of subscribers. My Twitter and Google+ shot up loads. Twitter hit almost 600 from 131 last month. Maybe Twitter featured me in some of there ‘recommended’ followers.

Email Subscribers = 216 (+15)

Twitter = 552 (+421)

Google+ = 193 (+74)



Last month saw our biggest profit to date, $611.

HMA = $48.50

Services = $147

Client Ecommerce site  = $1500

I have been working on the Ecommerce site for my client for a couple of months. This month I received half of the payment and next month I will receive the other half



Hosting -$29


Profit = +$1,666

Best month yet for profit, but Im not getting to excited as Affiliate earnings are still really low and the bulk of the profits has come from client work



We’ve finally seen some action here. both DA and PA increasing:

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 14.07.05




A decent month for the blog in terms of growth! hopefully I can keep it up. Been another busy month which prevented me from publishing more content. Purchased another blog that add to my monthly income.

We saw a surprising burst of Twitter followers. I wrote a guest post but yet to get it published, and our Google organic traffic has increased again which makes me happy 🙂


 Plans for next month

I want to publish 2 or 3 good posts on the blog. I also need to get my guest post out there. I also want to get featured on a top blog such as Moz or SEJ. Now to do this I will have to write something really good. This should give me some good exposure!

I will also be working on my newly purchased blog so I’ll report about that next month. It would be nice to see my Google organic traffic to reach 1000+ and I think I need to improve with Optin offer to attract more subscribers!


oh yeh, and we are having a baby :-0

So i cant promise anything for August.



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  1. George says:

    Don’t get disappointed Jaison. The blog has some decent information and all the people I refer here are very excited with the blog. I think your bounce rate is increasing because people revisiting this blog don’t see new posts and leave. If you could add 1 new post per week or even more frequently you will definitely decrease your bounce rate. (I myself have left ~10 times this month from the blog seeing no new content was added.)

    Hope this helps mate 😀


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