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Ok, i’ve been spending all day watching You Tube Videos, pretty sad I know but It was for a good reason!

I wanted to put together a post of quality videos that you can go through that will teach you exactly how to start a site and rank it in Google so you can start earning money from it. These videos have been carefully selected and i have actually watched them all.

The best collection of SEO videos

There is some great advice here, whether you are a newbie or Internet marketing pro, Im sure you will learn something from this pick!

I have selected the SEO videos that I feel offer advice that will be more relevant to 2014. You will notice that 5 of the 8 videos are all about setting up and optimising your site, keyword research (Some great tips on this) content and on page optimisation!

Once you have got this down to a tee, you will then move on to some killer link building techniques!

There is over 4.5 hours of priceless information right here, so enjoy πŸ™‚


#1 Keyword Research – Do It For Free (Absolutely vital, do not skip this!!)

This is an epic video by John Ochs about the importance of keyword research and how you can do it for free! It’s a long video but a must watch! John goes into detail and reveals different tools that you can use. He gives real examples and walks you through everything. Keyword research is becoming more and more important and if you fail at this step then you have a very slim chance making any money from your site. This is foundation of any SEO adventure so take your time with this one!



#2 Advanced LSI keywords and creating content that Google likes

Next up is a great video about LSI keywords and themed content. Just by watching this video you will be well on your way to top rankings. It explains how to structure your content based around your keywords. It explains the method that Google uses to distinguish between good content and not so good content. With the frequent algorithm updates more emphasis is now on content and you will be amazed by some of the tricks used here:



#3 How to set up a word Press Site from Start to Finish

Most sites/blogs these days are built on WordPress, but for a lot of people WordPress can be a little daunting. Not to worry, this video has everything covered from installing WP to adding posts and pages to structuring your site! Now that you have your keywords and great content, it’s time to put it all together and start your site.




#4 Set up WordPress for ultimate SEO

Now that you have your site set up it’s important that you optimise WP for SEO. There are some great plugins for this and everything is highlighted in this video. You might have the best site and best content in the world, but if the search engines can’t crawl your site properly then you are never going to achieve any rankings. It talks you through how to set up the SEO Yoast plugin…Take a look at this video to see how to set everything up correctly!



#5 Cool on page SEO optimisation tips (Advanced)

On page optimisation is vital and this video offers some cool tips on how to structure your content correctly, where to place keywords and a relevant content check. It’s also important to use internal links between your pages and also the effect of external links. You should link out to other sites that offer valuable information that is on topic! Make sure your title and headings appeal to the reader and not just set up for the search engines!



#6 Build contextual links for a solid SEO foundation

This is one of my favourite techniques and I use this on all new websites. The idea is to insert links within relevent content that contains you keyword, however your link will be a raw or generic anchor text. The theory is that Google picks up on the surrounding content of an article , and the generic anchor makes the link look totally natural. This video is made by Kontent Machine and I use there software to create link building articles for this purpose!


#7 Tiered Link Building

Now that you have your site set up and SEO optimised to the max, it’s time to start building some link juice, and to do that you can use Tiered link building. This is part 1 of Matthew Woodwards Tiered link building campaign and they are amongst some of the most popular SEO video’s on YouTube at presence!! This will teach you everything about tiered link building.


#8 Bonus – “How I made $5000 in my first month with a new blog!”

So there you have it! I hope you find these video’s useful, because I sure did. If you have a video that you feel deserves to be on this page then just drop me an email and I’ll check it out πŸ˜‰



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  1. Anton says:

    Quality post! Seen a couple of the videos you posted before. Will you ever make SEO videos?


    Jason Chesters

    Jason Chesters Reply:

    Hi Anton

    Thanks man! Yes, Videos is something I will get around to doing eventually!


  2. Jon Ochs says:

    Hey Jason… great post! Appreciate the mention above man. πŸ™‚


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