7 Creative Ways To Build Quality Back Links Right Now!

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You know the feeling, you have built a great looking site, spent time and money to get your content right and then it comes to link building and you hit a brick wall. You know that you need to build quality links, but where do you start?

i’ll show you exactly how to build quality back links to your site using these sneaky tricks!

Note: Before employing these cool tactics, it’s vital that you get your on-page SEO up to scratch, luckily I have this massive guide ‘How to’ guide for on page sep right here!

First of all, lets cut all the bull shit and determine what exactly is a ‘quality backlink’

There is a miss conception in the world of SEO that a quality backlink is a link that comes from an authority site, probably has a page rank of 5+ and is way above your league!

So when you start out it feels almost impossible to get these type of links. I know how it feels because I’ve been there myself.

I then realised what a good back link actually is! and they are much easier to obtain than you think!




So what is a quality back link?

Get the miss conception out of your head that you need high pr links from authority, because that is bollox!! You want to get that out of your head and start to think what a natural back link profile would look like. Would  a new site really get links from high pr sites straight away?….No

The type of links that most sites would get would be:

  • Social signals
  • Blog comments
  • Forum comments
  • Contextual links
  • Press release

You probably already know this but The key is to build links from relevant sources!!

This is absolutely vital. If you are building blog comments make sure that you comment on popular blogs that are in your nice, find influential bloggers/sites and comment on them. I’ll be explaining exactly how to find these further down!

Same goes for forum posts. Find forums that are closely related to your niche. One of the main reasons I see sites getting a penalty is because they have blasted blog comments and forum posts here there and everywhere!

If your niche is ‘remote control helicopters’ and you post comments on a hair and beauty site you are not doing your self any favours.

So to summarise:

‘A quality back link is a  Link that come from trusted sources closely related to your niche!! That’s it’


Ok, so now that you know what makes a good link, I’ll show you some sneaky ways to get them 🙂


7_Creative_Ways_To_Build_Quality_Back_Links (1)


#1 The Chain Reaction Method

This is a good little tactic that I like to use to quickly establish the top blogs and influential writers in my niche, I then read their pages and leave a comment on their sites.

This then establishes my site with there’s and Google will give my site more importance if they see that I interact with other leading sites in my niche.

quality backlinks chainFirst we start by searching for a popular keyword in our niche or look on the forums to find a popular site.

You then start by commenting on that particular post.

You then read through the post because 90% of the time the author will link out to another article or site in your niche because that’s just what we do these days!

Sites are given more credibility if they link out to relevant sources, so you will find that most of them do…


Ok, so you find a link and click on it. You are almost certain to find another very well written quality post, because sites will only link to others if it offers something good!

Now that you are here just repeat the process again…. Comment on the article and then click one of the links which takes you to a new site and do the same. If for some reason there are no outbound links.

Just click on a couple of the ‘commenters’ because most of the time they will have a site in your niche too!!!

This is a great little method and I have used it on this very blog that you are reading right now.

Not only do you get a ton of blog comments on highly targeted niche related sites, but you also get to build relationships and strengthen your presence within your niche!!


# 2 Exchange content / Links (Bribery)

We’ve all heard about Guest posting and the advantages they have. But it’s not always that easy to get yourself featured on other sites, so a little trick that I use ‘exchanging content’.

It’s a bit like exchanging guest posts really. the advantages are great because not only do you get a quality contextual back link from a niche related site,

You also get some great content to add to your own site, and so does the other website owner!!

Now you could just ask to exchange links rather than content, but it does sound a little tacky and old school.

So what you should do is find an article on a competitors site that fits closely to one of your own or maybe answers a question or expands on what the author was talking about.

You then do the same for your site. Find one of his articles that you think you could link to from one of your posts.

Email the site owner with something like this….

“Hey, I was reading through your site, you have some great posts, I especially enjoyed the post about ‘XYZ’. I also run a site in this niche and I really think your readers would benefit from this post I wrote about ‘Widgets’. If you place a contextual link within your post ‘XYZ’ linking to my article, I will also place a link ‘right here’ (url) linking to your post on XYZ.

What do you think? It will benefit both of us and help to increase our authority in this market”

The key here is to use a subtle approach and make the recipient feel good about themselves by sharing your thoughts on his great site!! then tell him the benefits of exchanging links within these very useful articles.

it doesn’t take much imagination to come up with something like this.

Caution – When applying this technique, you can only approach sites in a similar situation to you. By this I mean if you are just starting out and you try and do this with a massive PR 8 authority site you are probably going to get ignored!


# 3 Use Forum signatures (Trick)

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post. One of the ways to get good back links is through Forums that are specifically aimed at your niche. Now the only problem with this is that you can’t go around splatting your link all over the forums or you will get banned.

Luckily most forums allow us to insert a signature. This is a small which appears underneath every post/comment that you make.

Now what i see a lot of people doing is, they try to make their signature stand out by making the text large and using some horrible fluorescent green colour or something stupid like that. Problem is, it may stand out, but people are not interested in clicking on it.

Why? Because sub consciously their brain is scanning the page looking for the text that people have actually written. For example, BHW forum has a black background with yellow text.

So when reading the BHW forum your eyes become accustomed to read yellow writing with a black ground.

So why on earth do people think it is clever to have bright green and bright red signature links?

I personally take no notice of them, not because I choose too but because my brain automatically discards them.

So what should you do?

My blog picks up some decent traffic from the internet market and SEO forums. What I do with my signature is something I don’t see many people do at all. I make my signature blend in with the other text on the page!

Look at this example of one of my threads on BHW 

Notice how my signature links just blend in nicely with my content 😉

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 14.22.33



It works!!!


# 4 Tell people that you have linked to them

Another method that I have found that works really well is actually telling people when you have linked to their site. if you have read through my blog you will have noticed that I link out to other sites in my niche and give people credit where credit is due.

What I then do once a month is to email everybody that I have linked to and say ‘thank you for their great post, I have linked to it from this page.. (url)’

Usually they will reply back and acknowledge my thanks, they also usually give it a mention in a tweet or on the other social media sites. This then gets you another quality  back link…. Happy days 🙂

You can also apply this method when creating articles based on the ‘top 10’ or the best methods for whatever. If you tell somebody that you featured them in your top 10 article then they will most definitely share that information on their social accounts.

A good example of this is the post I wrote about ‘My Top 8 YouTube Videos for SEO’

I featured 8 videos and then emailed them to let them know. I got a few social links out of doing this!!


# 5 The 3 for 1 offer (Can’t Resist)

This involves purchasing a couple of expired domains. You then build relevant content on the sites and then contact other sites in your niche and ask if they would like 3 links from 3 different sites (In your niche) in exchange for 1 link on theirs.


Sounds good doesn’t it?

Here are a few things worth mentioning…

Be specific when buying expired domains. Make sure they have a clean back link profile and are indexed in Google.

Make sure they have a decent Domain authority and page authority. I wrote a piece about buying expired domain in my ‘build your own blog network‘ post.

Place original content on the sites and make the sites appear as real as possible.

Use different hosting companies so that your sites have different c-class IP’s

Use a SEO service to help build authority and boost your metrics to these domains. Remember, we are not trying to rank them, we just want to improve their Domain and page authority.

If you are offering somebody 3 quality links in return for 1 then there is a very good chance that they will take you up on your offer!!

You approach them with something like this…..

“Hey, Iv’e been reading your blog for a while now and I think your content is great! I also run a blog in the ‘XYZ’ niche and have just published this post (link). Now I understand that building quality links is the key to increasing rankings and website owners don’t just excahnge links lightly.

Therefore I would like to offer you 3 high authority links from 3 different sites (all mine) in return for just 1 link from your blog? You could even just insert a link as a contextual link within one of your posts? 

Here are the 3 sites that I own that I can place a link on to your site. As you can see, they are very niche specific and have great SEO metrics!!

Let me know what you think and I look forward to your reply :-)”


This is just a quick example that I just made up off the top of my head. Pretty effective though don’t you think?

I’d certainly be interested if somebody offered me 3 links for 1

Try it out!


# 6 Exchange Content For a Link (Priceless)

One of my favourite tools for building links and traffic to my site is a plugin called ‘Social locker For WordPress

You have probably seen it a few times around my blog. Basically the plugin hides an area of content that you choose, and only reveals it once the user has clicked one of the social share buttons!

Every time somebody clicks it you get a link from a popular social site. They include Facebook, Twitter and Google+

I can’t fault this plugin at all. There are lots of great features! It’s even SEO friendly because even though your content is locked from the visitor, it is still available for the Google search bots!!

It also remembers you so that you only ever have to click it once to reveal the content!!

Not only does this great tool create back links for you, it also builds a ton of traffic as it creates a snow ball affect:

Lets say 10 people click the twitter button and they each send a tweet promoting your page to their 100 followers. Thats 1000 people your link has gone out to already. Lets say 200 of these people do the same and they click your share button to reveal your content….

They then reach out to hundreds more people

and so on……

You can quickly see the power of this plugin!  It’s only about $20 Right Here


# 7 Share Infographics

Infographics have become more and more popular over the last couple of years. If you don’t know what one is, check out the graphic at the top of this post 🙂 They express a visually compelling story or set of data that is attractive and easy to comprehend!

Not only are they great for your site but they are great for link building too. Once you have your infographic complete, there are a few things that you can do to use it to build quality links to your site….

The first thing to do when you upload your graphic is to include the embed code. This will make it easier for people to share it and embed it on their own sites.

Always include your URL with in the image, although this does not count as a backlink, it will bring traffic to your site and help build your reputation.

Submit your infographic to an infographic directory!!

Share your info graphic on social media sites.

There is a useful post from MOZ about building links with info graphics


Hope you enjoyed the post on how to build quality back links

Please share it…..



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